Play Misty for Me

Play Misty for Me (1971) Movie Review

This exquisite and realistic film that related to psychology can be used as an educational model to analysis human dissection, and this one is particularly well-structured in filming. It’s no surprise that the American psychological thrillers are still the best in the world. The pioneering psychological films, such as the typical film of Hitchcock’s in the 30s and David Lynch’s in the 70s, had such foresight due to the strong connection between personal care emphasized by the society and individuality. In Asia, where there is a lack of individuality and self-reflection, it is not advantageous to produce similar films.

Back to psychological issues, this review focuses on “latent psychopath”, which as the name implies, it refers to patients who think and act like ordinary people but suffer from intermittent cerebral nerve disorders and long-term subconscious depression. The latency of the latent psychopath is greater compared to the dominant psychopath. Due to its instability and high randomness, once the disease occurs, the destructive power is greater and more extensive than the dominant psychopathy. No wonder medical experts often say that modern society is made up of mentally ill people, and the latent psychopath is everywhere and that their growth is in inverse proportion to the improvement of social order, which is indeed a big problem.

Dave, who was a popular DJ, had a large number of audiences. He was a flirtatious man who liked picking up cute girls. He could be categorized as an ordinary guy who had a decent life. All his basic desires were satisfied, and he didn’t have too many excessive demands. As a human, he had both strengths and weaknesses, but after joining the society, he learned to make up for his weaknesses, and then he became a good citizen with manners and integrity. However, one day, when this innocent good citizen was off duty, he bumped into a cute girl who was his fun, so he showed his tender love. To fulfil the fan’s wish, he agreed to spend the night with her. But he had integrity so that he did not lie to the girl mentioning the deceptive language of “I love you”. Unfortunately, it was not a cute and innocent girl that’s lying next to him, but a monster who awaited him on a journey to hell that will be worse than death.

It’s interesting to analyze Evelyn as a typical latent psychopath. I have encountered a similar case in real life that it happened to the wife of a man I used to know. At the time I met him, he was already in a severe depression and poor physical condition. His wife would get up in the middle of the night to sharpen her knife just because he had mentioned a divorce. He said that he knew that his wife was just threatening him, but he ever since slept well at night listening to the sound of the rattling.

In the end, those who fall into the mental illness, or tormented by patients who have mental issues, are the result of the person’s inability to jump out of self-limitation and keep themselves confined to the unknown. he unknown of one’s own situation causes infinite fear and insecurity, which is negative to one’s physical health. In fact, an ordinary person’s sensitivity to latent psychopath and their awareness of potential crises deep in their head can have this basic discrimination after studying and understanding various characteristics. It is like putting radar on oneself and learning to distinguish between friend and foe, thus learning how to choose a partner and friends, and to keep the most appropriate distance from the people who are mentally ill.

In my brief summary, I will take Evelyn as the subject of my analysis, and conclude that a latent psychopath has the following characteristics.

1. A lunatic never listens (self-explanatory)

This is a fatal point, but most people treat this behavior in our daily lives as a personality and ignore it. In the case of Evelyn in the film, whether Dave was being gentle with her or shouting at her, she did not listen. She was always talking to herself, and even if she understood the information she received, that information ended up being twisted into what she wanted to see.

For example, While Dave was recording in the studio, she suddenly called in out of the blue to interrupt his work. He asked angrily, “What’s wrong that you called me when I am working?” The implication is to blame her for not respecting other people’s working time and being selfish. An ordinary person would apologize first and express their feelings later. But her response was, “You’re not around me, that’s the problem.” She stole Dave’s car keys, and he was reasoning with her, but she suddenly laughed and made irrelevant jokes. Eventually, Dave was incensed, saying, “I never said I love you, we were clear from the beginning.” But Evelyn’s response was, “What have you done has indicated you love me, and sometimes you don’t say those words out loud to express love.” Finally, Dave called Evelyn and said, “Let’s forget about everything. Forget it ever happened.” Evelyn said, “Good. So we started over.”

The latent psychopaths are always too subjective and don’t understand what empathy is. They are unable to adjust their thinking to cooperate with different people when communicating, thus they always talk to themselves. To put it simply, communicating with a latent psychopath is like playing ping pong against a wall; the ball goes out and bounces back, but you don’t feel the communication, as if you were talking to the air, and all you hear is a simple echo.

2. A lunatic’s self is split. (split personality)

Again, a split characteristic may surprise you,  but a person who has a split personality will drag you to hell. Everyday people find it difficult to tell the difference between the two, or regard those two are the same thing so that a comedy turns to tragedy.

In the film, Evelyn’s split personality was revealed from they said goodbye for the first time. She would honk her car horn In the middle of the night, and the neighbors came out to complain, she would suddenly turned fierce, and curse, despite she was gentle and lovely. The second time was when she had just gently comforted Dave, she suddenly blurted out a string of obscenities when Dave and his friends came over to say hello. The most extreme, of course, was when she apologized to him after losing her mind, saying she would drive home, and started cutting her wrists in the bathroom.

There is a simple difference between split characteristic and split personality. The former is just a variety of forms of expression concentrated on one person, but the essence of expression is one. The latter, on the other hand, can express multiple substantives in one form. After the split, the same sentence or even one action would have a qualitative change. A wicked man who expresses evil by various means is a split characteristic. But if he had just killed an old lady but immediately helped an old woman to cross the road from the place of murder, that is the most horrific thing.

3. a lunatic regrets.

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of hysterical people are good at apologizing? It is especially prominent in domestic violence.

Evelyn came to Dave’s house in the middle of the night, saying she’s coming to see which woman he was sleeping with. When it turned out that Dave was alone, she immediately burst into tears and kept apologizing. Afterwards, after she lost her temper to Dave at her place, he got her apology phone call when he got home. The phone wouldn’t stop ringing, so he had to unplug it.

The latent psychopaths don’t see the root that people who are fearful and disliking them, instead of thinking that apologizing will erase what happened and make the other person forget the fact that they lost their tempers. In the end, apologizing is a sign of a lack of self-awareness. Ordinary people who frequently lose their temper will think that they are right in losing temper, and even if they were wrong, they would not turn around and reverse what they have done. Therefore, this type of apology is as scary as a death knell.

4. a lunatic is self-destructive.

I don’t know when it started, but some people thought that a violent person would not hurt his or her loved ones. A person who used to cut his own body with a knife wouldn’t one day cut into his or her loved one. Embodied in spirit, a person who insults his personality would likewise enjoy insulting the personality of others and does not take it personally.

Evelyn slashed her own wrists with a knife, and of course, in a fit of rage, she stabbed people. Whether it was the landlord who accidentally discovered her, Dave’s ex-girlfriend, the police officer who reported her to the police, who she eventually gets back at, she was so merciless that she was willing to hurt herself.

Latent psychopaths usually vacillate between self-aggrandizement and self-loathing emotions, and once this extremely subjective personal emotion is rejected by the social group, it will show the self-denial. The love between a total self-denier and a denier of human worth may be intense and profound. But in the end, the love is just about finding a companion to go to hell with.

In the final analysis, in the fast-changing of the modern society, it is never feasible to misinterpret the principle of “responding to changes with consistency” and keep the spiritual level on one side to cope with the numerous changes. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, people’s spiritual world should be like a boat, even if it is only a sampan that can float on the surface of the water, at least you are alive. But no matter how much the water rises, the boat is still a boat, this is the invariable thing. If you dry up the spiritual world into stone, once the tide rises, it will be submerged at the bottom of the sea, and will never to see the sunlight.

The spiritual practice of life has a long way to go, but don’t forget to persist. The peace of mind that comes from self-reflection and absorption, and free dedication to loved ones and relatives friends. Once a stubborn thought arises, it disturbs the mind and harms not only oneself but also others. There is nothing wrong with being a sheep or a wolf, as long as you understand the principle behind it. But if you let your desires run rampant without the right guidance, you will only turn into a monster. I am now overseas, but I occasionally think of those old friends caught in a strange circle in the past, and I miss them a little. in the process of strengthening oneself, one must learn to protect oneself, and the deepest protection comes from a wise brain.

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