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Mortal Engines is a different kind of movie, one that brings you closer to the truth.

Everyone says don’t believe the hype except of course if the hype is for something to fail. The movie Mortal Engines will be a cult classic – guaranteed.

The only question is did you experience it on the big screen when you had the chance?

The critics tell us that there is just too much competition for Mortal Engines to succeed.

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Can you even compare a big concept movie to a comic book movie depicting an underwater army of muscle bound fish men riding giant seahorses and sharks?

If not for the CGI most movies on offer these days are just children’s cartoons marketed cynically to adults.

Another criticism levelled at Mortal Engines is that the source material for the movie is just too old and therefore out-of-date. The first book ‘Mortal Engines’ was penned in 2001, with the last in the series ‘A Darkling Plain’ published in March 2006, over ten years ago.

To put things in perspective, Superman first appeared in comic book form in 1938, Batman in 39, Aquaman in 41. The first Star Wars Movie ‘A New Hope’ was released in May, 1977 – over 41 years ago. Transformers first aired as an animated kids programme in 1984 – that is 34 years ago. There isn’t much playing on the big screens anymore that isn’t a reboot/rehash of an idea that was first conjured up almost half a century ago, so stop telling me that due to the books being a paltry ten years old they are now irrelevant – that is absolute crap.

The main criticism levelled at the movie is the story itself. How can the narrative structure be at fault when it is the only big budget offering based on a book, a highly acclaimed one at that. If the narrative packed anymore punch it would have knocked me out. As for utilising more Hollywood star power, haven’t we seen enough fantasy and sci-fi roles given to Tom Cruise (no offense Tom).

To have some fresh new faces on screen was as refreshing as the movie itself. We see Tom Natsworthy develop as a character from an abiding Traction city-dweller to a more hardened and resilient freedom fighter. We also witness the transformation of Hester Shaw’s character from hardened outcast in pursuit of revenge to someone who learns to trust again, to love. We see the endgame in our technological pursuit to surpass nature in the robotised cadaver called Shrike.

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