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Aquaman brings more to the table and adds more the franchise of the DCEU then any other DC movie, one main reason is how much the movie was able to keep the look and the story origin to the comics, second reason is how dominant Aquaman looks in the film, they made the man that talks to fish a total badass, after watching this movie u can argue that Aquaman is more stronger the thanos and Superman combined and my last main point is how they were able to bring something so bright and vibrant into the dark DCEU Zack Snyder directed, James Wong deserves some kind of award for this master piece, he deserves to be directing the entire franchise. looking for movies like aquaman? click here

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An excellent movie excellent cinematography a salute to James Wan. If anyone says that Aquaman is not a good movie then he/she is a DC haters. And not going to watch Aquaman in theatres to enjoy its vfx on big screen and waiting for DVD to be release then he/she is a fool.

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